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Climbing the Mountain Alone

Saturday morning quick write. 15min.

I sympathized with him as he stared at the moss laiden rocks with his quiet tantrum tear streaked face on an incline I was looking at with perhaps less obvious tears. The Mom's gentle direction and serious pleading pulling me from my own thoughts into this broader spectrum of the human condition on display.

"I want to do it myself," on repeat from this little one as the Mom continued to try to take the little child's hand. "We're going this way," she kept saying gently watching her son attempt a path his young altitude couldn't fathom as perilous.

My goal that morning was to shut off and get away with the Lord. I needed, desperately needed the solitude of the Spirit and myself with a pear, a bit of gouda cheese, and the Scriptures on blast. What a journey of holding the Lord's hand the last year on His path, and I found myself on a trail I wasn't planning to take with an all too familiar scene unfolding before me.

I am this kid. So ready to run up the side of the mountain and desperately believing that if I go without any help then I'm some how more free. Let's define this help because I am not speaking as man speaks. Chase the ideology back to the source and if the source indicates any bit of hubris or superior understanding by way of human proof- that's still the same lie of the same perilous journey of self-fulfillment.

The Mom called out for help, and the Dad came and put the little guy on his shoulders. Raised to new heights and now in a safe place on the shoulders of his Dad- it was clear this kid was simply exhausted.

How our minds can trick us into believing the cries of our own spiritual health are actually the growing pains of sanctification.

Why are you tired?

Why does admitting you do not have the answers drive you into the arms of the man accumulated understanding for the promotion of superior spiritual growth?

What does it look like to stop and rest on the shoulders of our Father?

Where are we carving our own path out of sheer whole being fatigue?

What will our Father show us when we allow Him to carry us free?

By, Gabrielle Cauchon March 18, 2023

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