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A Letter to Those

Tossed at Sea

‎Wednesday, ‎December ‎27, ‎2017, ‏‎10:57:11 AM

I am a lighthouse standing on the bedrock of my salvation, firmly planted in the cornerstone of Emmanuel, the Messiah, the Prince of Peace. In Him the fullness of God pleases to dwell, through Him reconciling all things to Himself. I am a lighthouse built into the family of the tribe of Judah, the father of many born into the depths of David redeeming the name of the harlot Rahab, and the obedient Gentile Ruth. Brought into the lineage of Christ a wretch at sea and through the immaculate birth thus then a daughter born again with the children of Israel. I am one with God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, Emmanuel.

I am a lighthouse whose every station is fixed internally attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ, which dwells in me, in an ever winding, perfectly straight, narrow path. As I step every footing begs for stillness and reverence not in fears of peril but in wonder and amazement. I am a lighthouse, a strong tower being built higher and deeper with the shattered pieces of my old broken vessel. Exteriors transformed as they are plunged into the vine, the anchor and bedrock of the foundation of new life.

I am a lighthouse and I do perceive the waves though I may not feel them as I see you. The rocks of faith graciously given to me when I feared I would sway protect me. I am a lighthouse though I am not the Light. He is buried deep within me as He rests on high, and there I in Him. So please, do not follow to me or rush to me with the tide. Though the Light of Christ shines the darkness around me its purpose is not to invite. Those rocks of faith which protect me from the endless seas of doubt would crash your hull into little bits and you would die naked and without.

Frankly, an unnecessary feat as our Messiah, the Christ, in Him has made complete every act of defeating death already. No, you are much better landing firmly on your own two feet after following the Light of Christ and docking safely down the stream. Putting up your oars of cunning and reason, and carefully laying aside every weight and measure of hubris and defeatism. Getting on your knees and repenting of pride and whatever self-loathing freedom you thought could save you. Accepting there in the sand the Light of Christ, the firm foundation, to build you into a house of His Light, and a dwelling place of His Spirit, Immaculate Peace and salvation.

And then once you have forgotten the unknown has perils, you can find me taking His lantern and in joy going out to row. Just please do not forget that you will then have a lantern of your own.

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